School Council

Recent ideas

Can we have a bike and scooter shelter?

Fundraising for a shelter in the quiet area

Can we have a school newspaper?

Your school councillors

You can spot our school councillors around school with their lovely school council shields! These shields show you that if you have any suggestions for how we can improve school then you can tell us!

We have meetings about once a month and we talk about things that matter to pupils at our school and ways to make things better!

We recently met with our Parish Council to tell them some great ideas we had gathered from our friends about what we thought an amazing playground would look like! We got a letter from Valerie Whitbread afterwards saying how mature and helpful we had been which we are very proud of!

Child Friendly Online safety Policy written by School Council

School Council minutes

School Council Minutes 18/1/19
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School Council Minutes 14/12/18
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