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Friends of Bramham School is a registered charity working hard to support and enhance school life through fundraising and fun events, such as the summer fair, Halloween spooktacular, quiz nights, kids discos and film nights, personalised Christmas card sales, Mothers and Fathers Day gift shops and much more throughout the year.  We also represent the school and support events in the wider community such as the Bramham fun run, Christmas lights switch on, Bramham gala. 


Meetings take place every half term (in the pub), there’s no formal membership and no obligation to make a big commitment, we welcome any parents or carers to come along and join in.


Please support - and encourage friends and family to join in - with our ongoing schemes:

Raise a donation every time you shop online through Easyfundraising  



If you buy from Amazon, please use  and choose Friends of Bramham School as your charity as a commission from every purchase will then come to us.


Bramham Primary School is a Community Recycling Point for a number of hard-to-recycle waste streams, such as crisp packets, biscuit wrappers, confectionery packaging, toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes, pens and felt tips. Please look at the attached Recycling Guide and bring in your items for recycling and place them in the collection box in the school entrance lobby. 


Please follow the Recycling Scheme Rules (see attachment below) for ensuring this initiative can be run sustainably:

a) separate recycling by waste stream 

b) everything is empty of crumbs 

c) all packaging is flat not scrunched

d) only accepted items are included


The waste is recycled to make new a material used to manufacture items, such as outdoor benches, fence posts and watering cans, and this recycling initiative raises funds for school. In its first 10 months of operation, this environment initiative has raised £280 for school and saved 150kg of waste from being incinerated or landfilled.


Keep up to date by joining our Facebook group :

Friends of Bramham School - messages group


Alternatively send us an email


Or grab a committee member in the playground.


Chair : Sophie James

Vice Chairs : Beth Reading

Treasurer : Jess Buckley


FOBs is committed to responsible use of data under GDPR rules - please see our privacy statement here.



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