New Food Standards

The School Food Standards

We are proud to be a Healthy School. The school food standards which became effective in January 2015 are intended to help children develop healthy eating habits and ensure that they get the energy and nutrition they need across the whole school day.

The main principle is that variety is the key with a spread of foods across the week. Our menus include different fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses and different types of fresh meat and fish. Catering Leeds use fresh, sustainable and locally sourced ingredients wherever possible and are actively reducing salt, saturated fat and sugar in children's diets.

The new standards apply across the whole school day including breakfast clubs, snacks, tuck shops and after school clubs. We have consulted with all our providers who have confirmed that their menus comply with the new standards.

Examples of revised standards

No more than two portions of food that has been deep fried, batter coated or breadcrumb coated may be provided each week

No more than two portions of food including pastry may be provided per week

Cakes and biscuits may be provided at lunchtime, but must not contain any confectionary. For example, our menu's may feature a chocolate sponge, as long as this is prepared with cocoa powder and not chocolate.

Many of our desserts have been nutritionally formulated to be high in fibre and calcium, whilst reducing the sugar and fat content.  You may notice we also serve savoury desserts like cheese and crackers as a child-friendly low-sugar dessert.

The School Food Plan states that we must serve a minimum of two desserts each week that contain 50% fruit.  Examples of this include our Seasonal Fruit Crumble, Homemade Biscuit with Apple Wedges, or Ice Cream served with Fresh Fruit Salad.

Although not listed on the menu, we provide yogurt and fresh fruit as a dessert option every day.

These revisions help to limit the provision of fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt

List of Allergens

We do not provide a list of allergens on the menu due to each school having bespoke menu's  Our kitchen staff are fully trained in catering for special diets, and they may also contact the Special Diet Team at an time.For children with specialised diets or complex allergens, we will happily provide a personalised menu.


The new nutrition standards state that no snacks or confectionary except nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruit with no added salt sugar or fat may be provided across the school day apart from in exceptional circumstances such as a fundraising event or celebrations.

This means that processed fruit bars such as "fruit winders" and cereal bars are no longer allowed as they are often high in sugar and are considered confectionary.  They are also detrimental to dental health.

Our school tuck shop sells a selection of fresh fruit every morning break - why not give it a try?

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