Music at Bramham

Exciting news! The federation now has an exciting new music programme which lets children compose and even add vocals to their composition! Mr Mallett has demonstrated the program to all key stage two pupils. This new program opens all sorts of exciting opportunities in the way in which the federation can teach music composition and some of the more advanced I.T.C. curriculum skills required for 21st Century education.

We are very keen to ensure all our pupils use the internet safely and are appropriately informed of E-safely issues. O generator is not a social media platform, no personal information is shared and pupils only create and save sounds or compositions.  Google Chrome is required to run the program and compositions are saved remotely.

If you wish to watch the introduction video on the O generator web site this will provide more detailed information.

Composition Champions!

Schools in the EPOS partnership recently sent a small group of children to a 'composition champions' workshop. The children had a really enjoyable day. All the students worked hard and were a credit to their respective schools. The leader of the workshop said it was great to see students from different schools working together and forging friendships. The pieces of music recorded on the day were based on musical adventures within the BBC Ten Pieces film and will be played during the EPOS concert on 25th June. Please find attached photos of the students hard at work. They have worked on riffs, harmony, inversion, canon and playing in time with others.

Curriculum Music and Choir

Our curriculum music teacher from Leeds City Council Artforms visits school once a week to do curriculum singing and also music e.g. keyboards and percussion with the children. We also have a wonderful choir!

Extra Curricular Lessons

We have guitar club twice a week at lunchtimes at Bramham with Paul from "Get into Guitar" who does modern peices with participants on both acoustic and electric guitar.

We also have a peripatetic woodwind music teacher. If your child is in KS2 and you would like to know more please ask!


Please copy the link below to find out more about the BBC "Ten Pieces" programme which we are participating in