The Easter Story

The Easter Story


This morning, class R walked to Bramham church for an Easter workshop. The children were brilliant ambassadors for our school, walking sensibly to the church in pairs. When we arrived in church, Reverend Nick talked to us about Easter before we split into groups to learn all about the Easter story in 5 little workshops. The first was all about the garden of Gethsemane. We made play dough faces to show how we thought Jesus might have felt when his friends betrayed him.

The next workshop was all about Good Friday and the story of the cross. Reverend Nick showed us a crown of thorns, he even tried it on! We talked about times when we have felt sad and the people we miss.

The next workshop was about Jesus being both a King and a servant, washing his friends feet before dinner. Everyone knew what a King was, but not many of the children understood what a servant was. When the lady explained the role of a servant, many of the children put up their hands to say they thought their Mummy did the job of a servant! We all agreed that we should help our Mummy out more at home!



Our penultimate workshop was all about the positive message of Easter. We discussed our hopes and dreams before the children drew a picture of their wishes and wrote some words to put into the Easter basket.

The final workshop was a table set for the last supper. We all got to taste a piece of unleven bread and talked about what kinds of things we have at home that help us to remember the people, animals, places and things that we love.

To finish, Kate and Reverend Nick talked a little bit more about the story of Easter before treating us all to a chocolate egg!

We all had a super morning in church. Thank you so much once again to our parent helpers, we couldn’t take the class out of school without your fantastic help and support.

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