Class 5


Miss Ings                       Mrs Beckett


Hello and welcome to Class 5. 


Daily maths and English lead the way,

We also have PE every Friday,

We'll have frequent lessons in PSHE and RE,

Where we'll learn that talking helps and forgiveness is key,

Computing, French, music and art,

In our class, we encourage everyone to take part,

No matter what your favourite lesson may be,

We know there's something you'll shine in, and we can't wait to see!


In science, we have such interesting topics,

Chemistry, biology, physics: what's your top pick?

Space and forces is one of everyone's faves,

Then comes materials and experiments that you'll talk about for days,

In summer, we'll explore life cycles of plants,

Then on to animals: from elephants to ants,


In geography, we'll learn all about our Earth and seas,

Alfred Wegener had a theory; we'll see who agrees,

In spring, we study South America (including Brazil),

Do you know there are people living in the Amazon, still?

We'll finish with map reading and adventures outdoors,

I wonder where your favourite place is to explore?


In history, we learn all about the past,

If you had a time machine, where would you blast?

Perhaps to the Mayan era or to Ancient Greece,

We'll put history together, piece by piece,

In summer, we'll learn all about our local area,

And that's our year complete - how spectacular!