Class 4


Miss Braim                        Mrs Legault


Welcome to Class 4.

We learn lots of things this year, some that are totally new and some that build on your prior knowledge from other year groups. During your time with us, we will be exploring 3 new History topics ( Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and excitingly for the first time The Tudors) and 3 Geography topics (European place knowledge, Spain and Map skills). Each term we will have a Science focus (Sound, Electricity, Animals including humans, States of Matter, Living things and their habitats and how science has advanced through the years). At the end of each Science topic, we do a DT project to showcase our learning. As well as all this, we will do daily Maths and English sessions along with weekly RE, PSHE, French, Music, Art and Computing lessons. You will have a double PE session each week and go swimming too!


We know you will learn so many new things and hope you have just as much fun learning in our class as we do!