Class 6


Miss Parsons              


Welcome to Class 6! 

My name is Miss Parsons and I am the teacher in Class 6. 


The Year 6 curriculum is fantastic with lots of exciting and interesting topics. In history, we spend an entire term looking at WW2. Our geography topics are also fascinating as we explore global economy, how rivers are formed and build on our map reading skills. When we start a new topic, we plan fantastic launch days to help us jump into our learning headfirst these include an ‘Evacuation Day’ to commence our WW2 topic, and an ‘Apprentice Day’ to introduce our global economy topic. We often explore artwork and artists linked to our topic. In Class 6, we spend lots of time consolidating and developing our science knowledge (electricity, light, the cardiovascular system, classification of living things and evolution and inheritance). We have weekly RE, French, computing, PSHE and music sessions.  


We enjoy weekly double PE lessons with Mr Brotherton – our PE specialist. When he is not teaching PE, he is usually organising a range of extra-curricular opportunities for the several sports teams we have. 


Our pupils have daily English and maths lessons which are engaging, challenging and authentic. In English, we aspire to high quality writing through reading exploration and provide pupils the opportunity to perform or showcase their learning as much as possible. So far, we have posted the letters we have composed, made documentaries for the information texts we have researched and written and performed Shakespeare plays! We enjoy reading every day and love selecting our class text through our ‘Book World Cup’. In maths, we pride ourselves on being collaborative and resilient in developing our arithmetic and problem-solving skills to create well-rounded, masterful and confident mathematicians.  


We know that Class 6 is a very special year where all children’s life skills and primary school learning journey reaches its end before they move onto high school. That is why we ensure we maximise learning opportunities through memorable opportunities such as residential, being a reception class buddy and end of year production.