Welcome to Class R at Bramham Primary School


Miss Peecock                     

Welcome to Reception. My name is Miss Peecock and I will be teaching your children this year alongside our two fantastic classroom teaching assistants, Ms Wilkinson, and Miss Hodgson. I work closely with Mrs Williamson, the Reception Teacher at Shadwell Primary School and the Foundation Stage Lead across the Bramham Shadwell Federation. This allows lots of opportunity to collaborate and share best practice with one another.

Reception is full of never-ending fun and engaging learning opportunities. Our curriculum is planned weekly and is inspired by the children’s interests and needs. It is wonderful to see a child immerse themselves in their learning as a result of their own inquisitiveness and curiosity.

The children begin the year by participating in lots of exciting activities that allow them to get to know each other, the teachers, and their new environment.  Later in the Autumn term we learn about harvest and other festivals and let the children develop their own interests around these. We pick our own apples and even make our own apple sponge! In the Spring Term, the children become bird-spotting, mini-beast and pond-dipping experts and spend lots of time completing and creating their own scavenger hunts. In the Summer Term the children will take advantage of the warmer weather and spend time creating observational drawings of plants and flowers, designing simple maps of their outdoor classroom and harvest their own garlic to make home-made garlic bread. The highlight of each term is always the Explorer day, where the children spend the whole day outside exploring the characteristic signs and sounds of the season.

Our outdoor area is always open as I believe nature and our physical environment to be a wonderful place to enhance learning and provide unique experiences, such as direct contact with the weather and the seasons. We often find that children, particularly those who learn best through active movement, choose the outdoor space as their preferred learning space. Our engaging and challenging outdoor provision, together with ‘Outdoor Fridays’, which takes our Friday teaching and learning sessions outside each week, and our termly Explorer Days reflect this.

Each day in Reception, the children participate in phonics, maths and literacy sessions. We make these sessions active, interactive and stimulating, whilst always trying to link the sessions to the class interest at the time. For example, after collecting apples from an apple tree, the children may well be found ordering apples from smallest to largest, listening to stories about the celebration of harvest in different communities around the world and creating their own 2p apple stall. It’s incredible how much learning can be done after a trip to an apple tree!

You can check our Tapestry to see what wonderful things we get up to throughout the year. We have so much fun in Reception at Bramham and we are sure your children will do too!