Explorer Day!

Land Ahoy!


Class One have been ‘exploring’ their new topic today. We had space explorers, wilderness explorers and lots of scary pirates!


At the beginning of our day, a mysterious clue arrived in the register. As we followed the clues throughout the morning, the children learnt all about Sir Francis Drake’s voyage around the world.

We started the journey in Devon, England and set sail on the glorious ‘Golden Hind’ ship. Each clue led us to a new island where we found some exciting discoveries just like Sir Francis Drake. In Chile, we discovered some new tastes such as exotic fruits and wine (blackcurrant juice!). In Peru, there was lots of expensive jewels to uncover as well as silver and gold. Then we followed our noses to the Spice Islands, where we found lots of new flavours to bring back to England!

When we arrived back to the classroom we started to learn about Drake’s life and how he became the first man to circumnavigate the globe!

The children also enjoyed other activities such as drawing portraits of Drake with oil pastels and creating their own treasure maps to follow.

Just like Sir Francis Drake, our hard work came with a reward. (Only our coins were made from yummy chocolate!)


Posted by Miss Camm on 9 January 2019

Category: Year 1