Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Miss Jennings

Early Years Teacher & SENCo

Hello my name is Mrs Veverka and I teach Class R. I love being a teacher and completed my degree specialising in Early Years. This is my third year of teaching at Bramham Primary School and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute. The children are fantastic and I love providing fun, engaging and exciting learning opportunities for them. I am also the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) at Bramham which is a role I am very passionate about. I completed my National SENCO award at Leeds Metropolitan University. When I am not in school I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

Mrs Denton

Early Years Teaching Assistant

My name is Mrs Denton and I work as at teaching assistant in class R supporting Mrs Veverka. My children attend Bramham Primary School and I love working here! My role is to help the children to settle in to school during their year in Reception ensuring their days are happy, fun and safe. I love working with children and helping them to learn new skills – no two days are the same at school, which is brilliant. I want to help to ensure that each child leaves Bramham Primary School with the fondest memories and goes on to be the best that they can be. I am also a qualified swimming teacher and outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading and baking.

Mrs Ritson

Teaching Assistant

My name is Miss Ritson and I am the teaching assistant for Reception and Year 6. I have been at Bramham for five years and I count myself very lucky to be able to work with so many fabulous children and watch them grow into the amazing young people they are. Every day I am amazed by their enthusiasm, hard work and caring attitudes. Outside of school I love reading and going for days out with my family, especially if involves wildlife or taking my little boy to jump in muddy puddles.

Miss Prest

Teaching Assistant

My name is Miss Prest and I mainly work as at teaching assistant in class R supporting Mrs Veverka. I also work as a HLTA covering in class 1 and 2. This is now my fourth year and I love working here and feel very lucky to work with such amazing children and staff! I absolutely love watching all the new children come into reception, make new friends and learn lots of new skills! I am also very lucky as I get to continue to watch them grow as they carry on their school journey after reception. Outside of school I am a qualified football coach and spend many hours volunteering at a football club. I coach several teams and spend my Sunday's watching them all play in their matches. At home, I love to bake and I especially love to try out new recipes! I often spend my spare time walking up big hills or going for long runs! One of my favourite things to do when I get home is to take my two dogs out for walks - which is much more enjoyable when it's not raining!

Mrs Sohal

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

I have worked in Shadwell Primary School for four years before moving over to Bramham Primary School to be a Teaching Assistant in Year 2. Prior to that I was a Credit Analyst with a telefonica company before leaving to have my four children who are all in Shadwell Primary School. I love working in school, supporting children and watching them develop into confident happy individuals. I thoroughly enjoy my position and work in a wonderful environment with a fantastic team.

Mrs Allen

Year 1 Teacher

Hello, my name is Miss Allen and you’ll find me teaching in Class One. I am so excited to be coming to work at Bramham Primary School, after three years teaching in Cambridgeshire in Key Stage 1. I am really looking forward to working alongside all the children, parents and staff within the federation. As a teacher I look for any opportunity to inspire children and bring the magic into the classroom, from growing magic beanstalks to catching wild things! It is my hope that the children I teach engage with and enjoy learning so they can all reach their full potential. I have a great love of children’s literature with a degree in English in Education and books play a major role in my classroom environment. Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, walking in the beautiful Yorkshire Moors and trying to cook new recipes (always with varying degrees of success!).

Miss Ewen

Teaching Assistant Year 1 and Year 2

My name is Miss Ewen,I'm in my 7th year working as a Teaching Assistant in KS1. I am also in charge of making sure that your lunchtimes are a happy, enjoyable time. I love Phonics, bright colours, reading with children and sharing jokes. My son, attends this school and when I was a little girl I attended Bramham Primary and had the most wonderful learning experience which is why I am so pleased that I work here now so that I can help children to have the same experience as I did.

Miss Camm

Year 2 Teacher

Hello, my name is Miss Camm and I am the Class Two teacher. This is my fifth year working for the Bramham Shadwell federation and I feel extremely lucky to have worked with such wonderful children and their families during that time. I have always wanted to be a teacher and really developed my passion for learning at university where I studied Early Childhood Education. It is a privilege to support children along their learning journeys and I find there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the look of pride on a child’s face when they master a new skill or overcome a tricky challenge. Having previously worked in Class One, I am looking forward to the exciting new topics that I will get to teach this year such as discovering dinosaurs, amazing Australia and Florence Nightingale. Outside of school, I love to spend my time with my family and friends and no matter where I go, I will always find time to do a bit of shopping!

Mrs Legault

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

My name Mrs Legault and I'm a TA in year 2 and year 4, a paediatric first aider and offer cooking skills to all year groups as part of the curriculum. Oh and I also drive the mini bus for Bramham. I'm a qualified nursery nurse and have been at Bramham school now for 7 years. I love working with children of all ages and abilities and take great pride in watching them come in as timid little 4 year olds and leave as proud confident 11 year olds. I have many interests outside of school which include dancing, swimming and cycling, but most of all watching my own teenage daughter grow and find her path in life.

Miss Beaumont

Year 3 Teacher

Hi, my name is Miss Beaumont and I teach Year 3 at Bramham Primary School. I am delighted to be teaching at such a fantastic school where I aim to motivate and inspire all children to enjoy learning, fulfil their potential and strive for success at any level. Having just moved into the area I look forward to getting involved in the school’s role in the local community. As well as this, I love languages andI am a keen and enthusiastic sports woman, participating at both netball and cross country/ athletics at county level. I am looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm with the pupils as part of extra curricular activities. Outside of school, I enjoy visiting foreign countries, keeping fit, walking the family dog and cheering on Leeds Rhinos.

Mrs Turner

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

My name is Mrs Turner and I work full time in Class 3 with Miss Beaumont. It is my job to help you to learn in the classroom and have a wonderful lunchtime break. When I am not in school I love to spend time with my family going on long walks, watching fun films and baking lots of yummy treats.

Miss Duckett

Year 4 Teacher

Hello, my name is Miss Duckett and I am the year 4 class teacher at Bramham. I have worked for the Bramham Shadwell Federation for three years now and I have loved every minute of it! I studied Psychology at the University of York and was particularly drawn to educational and special educational based topics, leading me to work as an educational research assistant at the university. After gaining lots of theoretical knowledge I knew I wanted to work with children and put what I had learnt into practice so I decided to pursue a career in teaching. I am really looking forward to working with year 4 this year as it is very exciting seeing the children enjoy all the fun topics we cover and learn lots of new things with a smile on their faces. I like to challenge children with fun and exciting tasks and experiments that motivate and encourage them to think and find out for themselves. Outside of school I enjoy being with my friends and family and have several interests including going on country walks, working out at the gym and reading.

Miss Alexandra

Year 5 Teacher

Hello! My name is Miss Alexandra and I teach the Year 5 children at Bramham Primary School. I have previously worked with a range of year groups including a Year 5 and 6 class, a Year 1 class and a mixed class of Years 3, 4, 5, and 6! With just one week into teaching Year 5, I already love the children’s enthusiasm and natural curiosity. I have many exciting history, geography and science topics planned for this year along with stimulating school trips. As a teacher, I firmly believe that a fun and engaging curriculum with a range of activities will truly embed the children’s learning. I am a creative person, with a keen interest in art. Year 5 have already impressed me and shown a similar artistic interest on our launch day by creating the planets of our solar system using a range of materials (check this out on our class page). Outside of school I love to travel and explore new places - luckily Year 5’s first topic is the world around them! As Year 5’s class teacher I hope to build the children’s confidence in learning and provide support and challenges in order that they will reach their full potential.

Mrs Ritchie

Teaching Assistant

My name is Sarah Ritchie and I work as a Teaching Assistant in Year 5. Prior to this I have worked as a primary teacher for many years and I love being in the classroom with children and helping them to learn in fun and imaginative ways. One of my real passions is being outdoors in (just about!) any weather and I love the confidence, creativity and range of learning and skills that children gain from being outside. I have also recently begun working in a new role as an education officer at a local wildlife park so I am working hard at increasing my knowledge of animals and conservation (as well as cuddling the baby armadillos!). Outside of work my time is spent with my husband and three children. We love getting creative in the kitchen, going on adventure dog walks, camping trips and (my favourite!) days at the seaside in all seasons!

Miss Prankard

Year 6 Teacher

Hello, my name is Miss Prankard and I teach in Year 6. I love teaching in Year 6 because there are so many amazing things to look forward to! We get stuck into some really interesting topics including Global Economy and World War 2 that leads to super interesting learning. We also get to go on a 5 day residential, which is lots of fun and we make loads of memories. Then finally, we end the year with a show-stopping production! It is an absolute whirlwind of a year that whizzes by because we are just having the best time! When I am not planning interesting and engaging lessons that I hope my class will love, I am usually baking, reading or travelling! I also love to regularly see my family in my hometown of Cardiff. I love all subjects that we get to teach in our school, however, my favourites are History, English and PSHE. I have worked in the Bramham Shadwell Federation since 2016 and I have loved every moment.

Mrs Potter

Teaching Assistant

My name is Mrs Potter and I will be supporting Year 6 and Miss Prankard from September 2019. I have a background in English secondary teaching, loving creative writing and exploring a variety of texts that spark imaginative ideas. My own love of stories stemmed from reading texts like 'Black Beauty' and 'The Secret Garden' as a child, where I lost myself in other worlds. I love encouraging children whilst having fun with learning and sharing my enthusiasm! It is a real privilege to be part of a child's school journey, watching them grow in skill as well as confidence. Aside from this, I thoroughly enjoy learning about the world, especially history. At home I love to spend time with my own children, using our energy to craft, cycle, garden and jog.

Mr Brotherton

PE Lead Teacher

I’m Mr Brotherton. I studied Sport at university before undertaking my PGCE and I’ve been teaching at the Federation since 2013; I first taught Year 4 at Shadwell for three years. This was a great part of my career as it meant I got to teach all the subjects we offer at the school. During this time I also began to set up sports teams for Shadwell which meant I got to work with a variety of children outside of the classroom. In 2016 I became a Lead Teacher of P.E. across the Federation. This role saw me step out of the classroom to teach P.E. to the majority of classes at both Bramham and Shadwell, to ensure they have the best opportunities to participate in P.E. and school sport; it’s fantastic! It’s also now my job to ensure that all children enjoy P.E. and are encouraged to lead healthy, active lifestyles. A large part of my current role is developing the sports teams at both Bramham and Shadwell, something which I truly enjoy! My most favourite achievement is being able to help all the children grow as individuals and as teams, working together to become successful and improve their resilience!

Mrs Pelc

KS1 Leader

Hello, my name is Mrs Pelc and I am the Class 2 teacher at Shadwell Primary and Key Stage One leader across the federation, a role I share with Mrs Richards. Having completed a degree in Law and Criminology I decided to pursue a career in teaching and completed a PGCE in primary education. I have been teaching for 9 years and have lots of experience across the whole primary age range having worked in Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. This year I have returned to Key Stage 1 and am excited to teach new and exciting topics in a creative and fun way as I believe that children learn best when they are immersed in an enjoyable and stimulating environment. I am also responsible for leading DT throughout the Federation, in this role I work as part of the SITE team to ensure that children create meaningful projects for a real purpose, drawing not only on their DT skills but incorporating Science and ICT skills too.

Mrs Richards

SENDCo and KS1 Leader

My name is Mrs Richards and I teach Class 2 in Shadwell Primary and lead KS1 for the federation alongside Mrs Pelc. Having spent 15 years in the classroom, teaching in years 1 – 6, I am very excited to again be working with the children in Year 2. We have some extremely exciting topics to inspire the children with this year, and I am very much looking forward to the KS1 performance seeing our children shine on stage! Having completed my SEND qualification at Northampton University in 2011, I am delighted to return to the role of SENDCo at Shadwell this year. Outside of school, I am mum to two gorgeous boys and love to spend time with my family. I also enjoy running, swimming and reading.

Mr Rugg

KS2 Leader

My name is Mr Rugg and I really enjoy working with the wonderful children and staff at Shadwell Primary and I am Key Stage 2 Leader for the Federation. It is a privilege to work as a teacher, educating, nurturing and inspiring children and passing on skills and knowledge to them every day. I have been teaching for 8 years throughout Key Stage 2 and love teaching Year 6 with all of the exciting experiences it brings like the residential, production and preparation for high school. I am also responsible for leading Maths throughout the Federation ensuring high quality lessons are delivered based on a mastery approach. Prior to teaching I worked in business and have a degree in Business Management alongside my teaching qualifications. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, cycling, music, playing the drums, reading and following Leeds United!

Mrs Richards

Executive Head Teacher

Mrs Richards has been the Executive Head Teacher of Bramham and Shadwell Primary Schools since September 2015 and has over twenty years' experience in teaching. Mrs Richards has spent the last four years, ensuring the provision and outcomes for children represent excellence within both settings. Mrs Richards graduated in Newcastle with a BSc followed by a Post Graduate Certificate in Education; she worked for thirteen years in an urban Leeds Primary School, and was promoted to both Assistant Head Teacher and then to Deputy Head Teacher for the last seven years of her time there. Following the arrival of her daughter, Mrs Richards began a new post in The Grammar School at Leeds (GSAL) as Deputy Head Teacher, before accepting the post as Executive Head Teacher for our Federation. Mrs Richards' philosophy for children runs through every vein of our schools; she is devoted to her position in ensuring every child meets their potential; in her commitment to families and in the Federation vision of Excellence for All.

Mrs Wilson

Executive Deputy Head Teacher & Federation Inclusion Manager

Mrs Kirby

Executive Assistant Head Teacher

My name is Mrs Kirby and I work as Executive Assistant Head Teacher at Bramham Shadwell Federation. After completing a PGCE in Primary Teaching, I have now worked in teaching for over 15 years. Prior to this, I worked in a range of companies in the private sector. I also spent a lot of time travelling and was lucky enough to work in Australia and live in Italy. My love of travelling continues to this day! In my role as Executive Assistant Head Teacher, I am fortunate enough to be responsible for developing all the non-core curriculum areas taught, which is a real honour since I have a wide variety of interests myself which I am truly passionate about. I have a special interest in Geography as I have a degree in this subject and I also enjoy learning and teaching Modern Foreign Languages. It is a real pleasure to be part of creating such an exciting and engaging curriculum for our children at the Federation. In addition, I also provide support, guidance and direction to newly-qualified teachers to ensure that they are confident to teach and plan quality provision for our children. In my role, I also ensure that Bramham school runs smoothly each day. I lead whole school assemblies and run regular School Council meetings. Children have lots of amazing ideas on how to improve our environment and how to raise money to achieve their aims. I really enjoy my job at the Federation since every day is different at school and there are always lots of fun and exciting activities happening. The children are all wonderful to be around and are such a joy to know. The school truly does feel like one big happy family and I am very fortunate to be part of this.

Mrs Hall

Executive Assistant Head Teacher

My name is Mrs Hall and I am an Executive Assistant Head for the Bramham Shadwell Federation, working across both schools. I am responsible for the pastoral care of all our pupils, something which is very important to me. I want every child at Bramham and Shadwell to feel safe, secure and happy at school! I lead some of our assemblies and also work with the School Council to listen to the views and suggestions from our pupils. I teach at both our schools and aim to know all the children and their families – I am here to listen and to offer support wherever I can. I have a wide range of experience, having worked as a teacher and a senior leader in a number of schools across both the state and independent sectors. I firmly believe that teaching is the best job in the world and love building relationships with pupils and being part of their learning journey.

Mrs Humphreys

Federated Business Manager

My name is Mrs Humphreys, I am the Business Manager for the Federation. I have worked for the Federation for 5 years and have loved every minute of it. I have a very varied role. I am responsible for the budget, the site, Health and Safety, the lovely Admin and site staff and also I am a Designated Lead for child protection. My job covers just about anything you can think of and perhaps some you’d rather not! I love to read, travel, cook, live music and I walk as much as I can.