Ethos and Values

We aim to achieve a respectful, civilised, secure and safe environment where everyone shows consideration and kindness towards each other.

We aim to provide our children with an inspirational and relevant curriculum; one which inspires children; one which encourages problem solving, fluency and reasoning to build Excellence for All in school, where children are happy supported, confident and enthusiastic.

We facilitate children in reaching their potential; respecting others’ cultures and maintaining mutual respect for, equality and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

We teach children how to challenge concepts appropriately in a democratic and supportive environment where all opinions are respected and where ideas are valued.

We aim to expose to children the successes the educated world has to offer to them and aspire for them to become totally committed, through their learning, to joining that world and being successful.

We aim to create an environment where children feel safe to make mistakes and to learn from these, ensuring they are committed to growing in their learning in this way.

We aim to produce happy, healthy children who know how stay safe and who enjoy their relationships with others; understanding healthy boundaries.

We aim to foster a sense of wonderment and inspire a constant curiosity within our pupils.

We have a dedicated team of talented teachers who understand their children’s academic and emotional needs and in doing so, ensure all children are in receipt of a challenging and rich curriculum where high standards are set and where secure relationships are built.