Ethos and Values

Ethos and Values

We show CARE towards ourselves and others. 

We aim to achieve a respectful, civilised, secure and safe environment where everyone shows consideration and kindness towards each other.

We aim to provide our children with an inspirational and relevant curriculum; one which inspires children; one which encourages problem solving, fluency and reasoning to build Excellence for All in school, where children are happy supported, confident and enthusiastic.

We facilitate children in reaching their potential; respecting others’ cultures and maintaining mutual respect for, equality and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

We teach children how to challenge concepts appropriately in a democratic and supportive environment where all opinions are respected and where ideas are valued.

We aim to expose to children the successes the educated world has to offer to them and aspire for them to become totally committed, through their learning, to joining that world and being successful.

We aim to create an environment where children feel safe to make mistakes and to learn from these, ensuring they are committed to growing in their learning in this way.

We aim to produce happy, healthy children who know how stay safe and who enjoy their relationships with others; understanding healthy boundaries.

We aim to foster a sense of wonderment and inspire a constant curiosity within our pupils.

We have a dedicated team of talented teachers who understand their children’s academic and emotional needs and in doing so, ensure all children are in receipt of a challenging and rich curriculum where high standards are set and where secure relationships are built.

British Values

British Values form a core part of our ethos. We teach these values directly through assemblies and SMSC and also throughout the curriculum and daily life in school.

We believe that teaching our pupils about British Values is important as it enables them to learn about what it means to be a British citizen in a modern and diverse Britain. These values promote moral and cultural understanding and celebrate the diversity of the UK.


At Bramham Shadwell Federation, we believe that pupils, parents, carers and staff have the right to have their voices heard. This can be achieved through our elected School Council where class representatives raise issues and suggest ideas for improvement. Pupils are also empowered to make suggestions for school improvement through our Food Ambassadors and our Eco Warriors, both of whom hold regular class meetings.

Parents and carers are given the opportunity to express any concerns or queries through surveys and feedback opportunities after Parent Teacher consultations. Parents and carers are always welcome to contact the school office to arrange an appointment with class teachers or to ask to speak to a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

The Rule of Law

We teach our pupils about the importance of rules within our classrooms, our school and in society. In all year groups, pupils learn about our expectations at school and the rules that they should follow. Pupils learn about the consequences of their actions through our behaviour system where positive behaviour is rewarded and negative behaviour is sanctioned. We teach our pupils to distinguish between right and wrong, to make positive choices and to take responsibility for their own actions. Pupils learn about rules and law in British society, the reasons behind them, how they govern and protect us, and the consequences of what happens when these laws are broken.

Individual Liberty

At Bramham Shadwell Federation, we promote the freedom of choice and the right to respectfully express views and beliefs in a safe environment. Pupils are supported to understand that they have rights and personal freedoms and are advised how to exercise these safely. Individuality is celebrated and pupils are actively supported to become as independent as possible, from their very first day in reception.

Mutual Respect and Tolerance of Those with Different Faiths or Beliefs

Our pupils are taught to show empathy and understanding of people from different backgrounds. We give pupils regular opportunities to learn about different cultures and beliefs to reinforce messages of tolerance and respect. We work to enable our pupils to acquire appreciation and respect for both their own culture and the cultures of others. It is important to us at Bramham and Shadwell Federation that our pupils understand and respect different values different from their own.