Within our Bramham and Shadwell Federation, we are proud of our family; we actively welcome new members and take their needs into account.   We work towards our aspirations for the future and quickly develop our engagement in learning; we focus on our goals, we evaluate our progress along the way and we are determined to succeed. We support one another and strive for good physical and mental health. Our teachers are supportive and dedicated to all the children; they celebrate our dreams and ambitions and believe that each day in school is an exciting opportunity to help us exceed our expectations. Children only have one childhood and one chance at Primary School and every moment is precious as we grow as learners, building knowledge, resilience, independence and tolerance. We care for the environment and one another, learning to build positive and respectful relationships.  If we make mistakes, we bounce back. Everyone is unique and acknowledged as part of our diverse family; this includes the children, parents, staff and governors - and together we continue to achieve ‘Excellence for All’.