Sport at Bramham


As part of the school’s initiative, the school invested in providing specialist Dance artists to work with KS1 and lower KS2 for one term during the course of the academic year. These dance lessons took place during curriculum time and were linked to each class’s current topic. Not only did these lessons provide an opportunity for pupils to improve their dance skills through a range of tempos and contexts, they allowed teachers to work alongside professional artists to enhance their delivery. These sessions also provided a stimulus to inspire and enhance cross curriculum writing.


In addition to Tag Rugby, we have now implemented Basketball skills sessions within the school Curriculum P.E. lessons. KS2 (Year 3 and 4, 5 and 6) have begun having weekly coaching lessons alongside their class teacher to develop the skills needed in basketball. All children will have the opportunity to be selected for an after school club which will teach the children how to use these skills to play a game of basketball. We will then look forward to offering competitive tournaments with the selected team.

Children will experience the joys of making certain sports teams while others will have the disappointment of just missing out. It is important that all children realise that with competitive sport comes a wide range of emotions and that competing successfully means being able to manage these emotions, both when winning and losing. We look to develop every child’s resilience and persistence when taking part, as well as encouraging children to stay humble in victory.

Cross-Country and Athletics

We look forward to having a KS2 afterschool cross-country club, which will be open for children in years 3 to 6. These after school sessions will begin in Spring 2 to develop running techniques, build stamina and fitness and personal best in a fun environment.   

Since September, we have been working hard to use the government’s funding for PE and sport in Primary schools. The whole school funding is required to cover a variety of physical activities through all classes. Here are some examples of what we have been doing:

Tag Rugby

An afterschool Tag Rugby club has been established for Years 5 & 6. This has been part of the school’s ambition to increase the number of competitive opportunities for pupils to participate in sport. This has been the next step emerging from the professional coaching all children received as part of their games P.E. lessons within the curriculum. The coaches work alongside the classroom teacher to enhance their professional development and delivery of rugby skills.  As this team has become established within the school, we look forward to offer opportunities for competitive tournaments throughout the rest of the school year. As only a certain number of children from the training session can make the team, the next level of competition is for these children to try to be selected for match squads.

We look forward to establishing a tag rugby club for Year 3 and 4.


In addition to developing competitive sport and teams in readiness for interschool matches, some children have also received multi-skills training as they try to develop a variety of skills which will be applicable to many sports. These focus on each child’s ABC skills (Agility, Balance and Co-ordination) which are fundamental aspects of all P.E. lessons.

New Equipment

Some of the new equipment that we have been able to purchase have been:

  • Benches to developing the teaching and learning of gymnastic skills.
  • Hockey sticks to develop coordination in games lessons.
  • Bean bags in each house team’s colours.
  • Tennis balls in each house team’s colours.
  • Perforated balls in each house team’s colours.
  • A variety of balls to develop throwing and catching.
  • Agility ladders to develop co-ordination and agility.
  • Size 3 and size 4 footballs.
  • Size 3 and size 4 basketballs.
  • Tennis racquets to assist in developing co-ordination.
  • Storage units and bags.

Bramham is set for a major enhancement of its sporting and play provision after a successful bid to Sport England, gaining £29,800 to develop new outdoor sports facilities on our site.

The funding is part of Sport England’s £18m National Lottery Primary School Facilities Fund which is helping more schools to provide outdoor multi-activity play areas across the country. The investment is designed to support those schools which are in the greatest need of improvement and will benefit both pupils at the school and the local community who will have access outside school hours.

At Bramham the new investment will go towards two large areas of Safety Activity Surfacing which will include a multi-skills area and a multi use pitch, two sections of bouldering wall and further thermoplastic markings.

This fund builds on and complements the Governments £150 million a year Primary PE and Sport Premium.

The fund aims to;

Inspire physical activity and participation by children

Enable and encourage healthy activity

Develop the foundations of a sporting habit for life through a great start in PE and sport

Our Government Sport Funding

Inspiration through action

The government is providing additional funding of £150 million per annum for academic years 2013 to 2014 and 2014 to 2015 to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding – provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport – has been allocated to Primary Schools.

This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools.

What sporting activities do we do?

This year our children have participated in;

  • Creative Dance
  • Cricket
  • Tag Rugby
  • Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Football
  • Multi-skills
  • Hockey