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27 September 2023

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We want to ensure that we are providing your child with the best education and support possible. A healthy meal has obvious health benefits and can help students establish healthy habits for life and can also improve pupils’ readiness to learn. 


Your child could be entitled to Free School Meals if you’re in receipt of one of the following benefits:



On the 1st April 2018 the Transitional Protection rules came into effect which states that whilst Universal Credit is being rolled out to families in Leeds, once your child has a Free School Meals award in place, they will now keep it right through until they leave the Bramham Shadwell Federation. This will apply even if your earnings rise above the new threshold or if you stop being entitled to Universal Credit. However, if your or your partner also receive any Working Tax Credit as well, you won’t qualify for Free School Meals, so please wait until this benefit has stopped before you apply. 


By making a claim for free meals you could also raise an extra £985 for our school, to fund valuable support like extra tuition, additional teaching staff or after school activities. This additional money is called Pupil Premium and is available from central government for every child who has a Free School Meals award in place. 


If you are currently claiming for support with your rent or Council Tax, Leeds City Council will already hold your details and your children will automatically be considered for Free School Meals without you having to fill in any further benefit application forms. This includes children who are changing schools. 


If you do not have a current claim, we encourage you to apply for Free School Meals. Please complete the below form or visit the Council’s website and follow this link: 


Alternatively, if you would like help to complete the form, please contact us on:


Bramham Primary School  – 01937 843682

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