Carlton Lodge Residential 2017

Class 6 Carlton Lodge Residential 2017

Carlton Lodge

Day 1

Hi all,

Day 1 is done and dusted... almost!

The children are having a brilliant time. Beds have been made successfully and bedrooms are pretty tidy...

They have been archers, problem-solvers, night-walkers and scavenger-hunters today with lots of fun and giggles along the way!

The weather has been cold and I have handed out many pairs of socks today (trainer socks and minus temperatures leave for chilly toes). However, they have quickly learned that my requests for AT LEAST x amount of layers is serious and have dressed more suitably for the evening activities in the style of 'Mitchelin Man'. Some reported that they were 'sweating' while others felt suitably wrapped up.

They are currently dressed in PJs writing in their diaries and will soon be heading to bed for a quick read and lights out!

Thankfully they don't need to be up until about 7:30am... they are very tired and looking forward to catching some ZZzzzz's! Fingers crossed that they aren't too tempted by lots of late-night gossiping.

I will send more pictures tomorrow when I get chance... today has been VERY busy.

Miss Pickard

Class 6 and the Whole Team xxx

Carlton Lodge Residential 2017 - Day 1

Class 6 are very excited about their forthcoming residential at Carlton Lodge.  Click the document below to view some of the wonderful activities they will be taking part in.

Day 2

Hi all,

Another great day here at Carlton Lodge... the weather even seems brighter!

Today we have been crashing through our mental barriers and achieving things that we never thought were possible...we have seen some INCREDIBLE erosion and just how amazing it is when the power of water shapes the land around us! That's just what we have been learning about in class.

Our clothes are getting muddier and muddier and the pile of 'outdoor' (soggy / muddy) shoes is ever expanding!

The amazing activity rotation continues. Some of us have scaled the dizzy heights of the abseil and crawled through the 'Smartie Tube' at Brimham Rocks; some have zipped up the indoor climbing wall (even those of us that were nervous of heights); others have conquered caving and enjoyed the splashes of the river walk.

The last groups are enjoying their night walk while the others begin their Gravity Defying 'Egg Challenge'... More of the same will occur tomorrow and we can't wait.

Life-long memories are being made - we are falling into our naturally-supportive and encouraging roles and working as a SUPER team. We are in such great spirits and are having LOTS of FUN and GIGGLES!

The children are awe-inspiring and making us really proud - their individual characters make us laugh!

We hope you are enjoying the updates and the pictures - we have more to show you when we return.

Miss Pickard

Class 6 and the Whole Residential Team xxx

P.S. We think you might need to purchase some stain remover especially for muddy patches before we return...

Carlton Lodge Residential 2017 - Day 2

Day 3

Sorry for the late email - it's been another busy day!

As dawn broke on Day, 3 we needed to attack some ever-expanding damp and muddy piles of clothes and shoes that had somehow exploded all over the dorm rooms and communal areas of Carlton Lodge... Perhaps the CL Elves had been in our belongings in the night looking for left over biscuits or something...

Everyone was woken up earlier this morning with a LOUD and CHEERY

'MORRRRNNNIIINGGGG', the bright bedroom light and our favourite French Dance song playing! The children were 'delighted' as they popped their heads up from underneath their duvet looking quite likes moles all squinty-eyed!

It took some time for the children (and staff members) to join me in the 'bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed' morning club.

We received a lovely email from our Head Teacher, Mrs Richards, so we read that while eating our cereal before our hot breakfast. We love the food here - last night we enjoyed Chicken Stew. Some of us ate Cheese flan. It was delicious!

We are helping out after each meal to clean up the mess on the tables and floor in the Sports Hall (where we eat) and to dry all of the plates, bowls and cutlery.

After we had completed our chores, it was time for the SANDWICH CHALLENGE .... yesterday the teachers helped the children make their sandwiches which was followed by a LONG discussion with staff from Miss Pickard about the 'life-long-skills' that making their own sandwiches would develop `if they did it themselves. As a result, this morning, the children received a tutorial along with detailed instruction on how to:

  • butter bread right to the edge without tearing it
  • cover the surface of the bread with their filling-of-choice rather than simply piling it all centrally like a 'leaning' tower...
  • include some of their 'five-a-day'  
  • cut a sandwich in half with an almost-blunt knife
  • place it in a bag without all of the filling falling out
  • tie a knot in a sandwich bag

This was a crash course and it has been decided that the children MUST return for LEVEL 2 and 3 to get their 'Sandwich Making Diploma' by Friday.

The activities today have once again been SUPERB - the children are digging deep, amazing themselves and filling us with pride. We love chatting over dinner about all of the children; each of the staff are bursting with stories of  'WOW... you should have seen so-and-so do the.....' It really is amazing!

Tonight we have done more Scavenger Hunt and Egg Challenges!

We will update you with more tomorrow.

We send lots of love to you all.

Miss Pickard

Class 6 and the whole Residential Team xxx

Carlton Lodge Residential 2017 - Day 3

Day 4

Hi all,

How have we arrived at this point already? We have been away all week and now this is our LAST night!

Today we have been on the lake in Canoes and rafts; we have been up the trapeze pole to the Zip Wire and have scaled the High Ropes Course.

Bush craft allowed people to build dens (and act as a sales person to advertise them to the the groups) and EAT BUGS!

Once again, the wellies and muddy shoes have exploded all over the floors so we have an incredible amount of tidying up to do before we come home tomorrow!

Tonight we held the Carlton Lodge Oscars which celebrated all the things children had done to make us laugh! We couldn't possibly pick a single achievement for each person as they have achieved so much.... 'I'm so glad that I did that....' 'I'm glad you talked me into that...' etc. etc.

We must just say that these children are INCREDIBLE - brave, characterful and inspiring. Tonight we have laughed so much WITH them - many of us were hysterical - tears and everything!

They have grown so much as people this week; i'm sure you will see the differences when they get home. Once they've caught up on their sleep that is...

It has been an absolute honour to be away with them this week and, although we are all shattered, we will miss them next week during half term!


We are due back at Shadwell at approximately 2:30pm - children can be collected immediately from the Hall.

I will notify each office when we leave and they will text you. I will also inform you if we are stuck in any traffic etc. Please collect medicines before you go too :-)

See you all tomorrow!

Miss Pickard,

Year 6 and the whole Residential Team xxx

Carlton Lodge Residential 2017 - Day 4