Curriculum & Homework

At Bramham Shadwell Federation, we have developed an exciting and challenging curriculum for all our children. Please view the documents below for further details. Appointments with class teachers can be made at any time to discuss the curriculum further. Details of the Primary National Curriculum can be found on the following links:

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

Curriculum Plans

Reading Assessment Criteria
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Federation Subject Overview
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French long term plan
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English Skills Progression
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Calculation Guidance
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Writing Assessment criteria
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History progression of skills
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Geography progression of skills
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Maths Guide on a Side
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English Guide on a Side
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Teaching and Learning Policy
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RE Policy
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Cooking Skills
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Cooking skills are developed as children move up the school. New skills taught each year are shown in blue in the document.
Federation Ethos Themes and statements
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Our Ethos Statements are shared discussed with the children each week.
Homework Policy
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