News: Match Reports 2018 2019

Healthy Schools Presentation Event (12/7/19)

12 July 2019

To finish the year, both Bramham and Shadwell took pupils to the Health & Well-being presentation event at Leeds Town Hall to accept the Healthy School’s Award and the MindMate Friendly achievement. It was a great day and a brilliant recognition of all the hard work the Federation does to help our children in all areas of their lives!


Y5/6 Girls Tag Rugby Leeds Finals (9/7/19) – 3rd Place!

9 July 2019

This year we were again able to take every girl in Y5 & 6 to the Leeds Finals Competition. The competition itself had been postponed from earlier in the season because of the weather, merging the Regionals with the Finals to form one big end of year competition. We had two teams entering, and with the best teams in the city in attendance, each team was successful in their own right. The Bramham B-team were able to play well against some difficult opposition, showing the willingness to take responsibility and push themselves to do their very best! Our A-team qualified from their difficult group by winning their games, and they then won their quarter-final. They showed great resilience and maturity in challenging situations. Although they lost their semi-final, we were still able to finish third out of all the teams in Leeds; the best we have ever done! It was a great way to end the year of school sport. The girls should be so proud of how well they’ve done and what they’ve achieved!


Y6 Boys Dodgeball Tournament at John Smeaton (27/6/19)

27 June 2019

With the Y6 girls having competed in their tournament earlier in the year, it was the boys’ turn to compete this time. They were able to grow into the tournament as it went on, progressing through the games and making the most of their chances. The boys were able to take responsibility for their play and communicate with each other to create some great shots.


Y5/6 Girls Football Tournament (19/6/19)

19 June 2019

Once again, we were able to take all the girls from Y5 & 6 to the annual St Bart’s Football Tournament at Goals. It was a great day out, with all children able to take part and compete together; both of our teams played well and we had some tremendous results! The tournament itself contains over 80 teams, with only 16 making it to the next round, so the standards are high and qualification is tough; especially as all the games take place in cages where the ball doesn’t go out which is a different style to what the girls are used to!


Y5/6 Netball League Finals at Cookridge (17/6/19)

17 June 2019

Having qualified through the East Leeds League for the first time, Bramham therefore made it to the League Finals Day; a competition where all the best league teams play off against each other. In a very difficult tournament, which included teams that were going onto compete in the West Yorkshire Finals, the team fought valiantly, narrowly losing. Despite the result the team was rightly pleased with what they had done to get to this stage and can look back on the season with pride!


Y5/6 Netball Regional Finals at Corpus Christi (6/6/19) – 3rd Place!

6 June 2019

After qualifying from their competition to get here, the Netball team competed at the Regional Finals this week, with only the winners having the opportunity to go through to the City Finals. The team played brilliantly all the way through the group stages and were also able to make it to the semi-final. Despite playing well in their semi-final, they were ultimately unable to overcome Deighton Gates, who won in the end; meaning Bramham unfortunately didn’t qualify for the City Finals. Although we just missed out, you can’t take away from the brilliant Netball, or the great attitude shown by the team; they should be really proud of themselves!


Y6 Mixed Football at home vs Shadwell (23/5/19) – Won 6-4

23 May 2019

For a last game of the season for Y6, we put on a game where anyone from Year 6 who wanted to play could do so. A Shadwell team came to Bramham and despite the very warm conditions, played out a very entertaining game with lots of action and some great goals to signal a brilliant final match of the season!


Y5/6 Netball match at home vs Shadwell (21/5/19) – Lost 18-2

21 May 2019

For the final Netball match of the season, we hosted Shadwell team which had won all their games so far. Even though the game didn’t go how we had hoped, it was a good learning experience and gives the team lots to think about going into the City Regionals in the next week or so.


Y4 Girls Football match at Holy Family (14/5/19) – Lost 10-2

14 May 2019

For their second Football match of the year the girls travelled all the way across Leeds to Holy Family to play a game in their astro-turf cage. The aim of playing these games for the girls is so they can get as much experience as possible playing in a variety of situations; hopefully further preparing them for playing football for school next year. Just like the previous game, the energy and enthusiasm was there; the girls are learning all the time, and having never played in this style of match before, did well to adapt their game and react to the ball coming back off the walls. It’s not about the result for the team at the moment, the girls just need to learn as much as they can, as quickly as they can, and do their best; which is what they always do!


Y4 Netball match at home vs Scholes (13/5/19) – Won 6-5

13 May 2019

As part of introducing more competitive sport to younger year groups, we had a Y4 Netball team play tonight! Despite it being their first proper match together, and playing against a Y5 team, the children put in a phenomenal performance to not only take the lead, but also hold onto it when the game got close towards the end! They showed lots of enthusiasm and energy which demonstrated their future potential if they continue to work hard.


Y4 Boys Football match at Shadwell (7/5/19) – Lost 4-2

7 May 2019

It was the Y4 boys turn to play their match, with the girls having played last week. They also travelled to Shadwell, who were playing their first match as a boys team. It was Bramham, in fact, who took the lead, and even though Shadwell eventually won, it was a great end-to-end game with further goals for both teams!


Y5/6 Netball match away at Alwoodley (1/5/19) – Won 8-2

1 May 2019

Looking to continue their good start to the Netball season the team travelled to Alwoodley knowing a good result would put them in a great position near the top of the league. Despite a shaky start, the team got it together towards the end of the first quarter and were able to pull away from there, grabbing a brilliant 8-2 win, which not only sees them shoot up the league, but also helps out with their point difference.


Y5/6 Boys Football at Primrose Lane (30/4/19) – Lost 3-0

30 April 2019

In their final league match of the season, the boys travelled to Primrose Lane. Having already won the league, Primrose were a great team but the boys are always up for a challenge, no matter who they are playing, and demonstrated this again today. Having lost games earlier in the season by greater margins, the boys had been narrowing the score lines recently, just through an increased focus, concentration and desire. The fact Primrose were only 1-0 up at half time was down to how hard the boys worked together, closing down space and keeping their shape. Primrose got a couple more goals in the second half, but the game didn’t get away from the team. In the past the boys would have lost focus for a few minutes, allowing the other team to run up the score, but not tonight. It was a great performance from the team in what has been a good learning curve of a season!


Y4 Girls Football match away at Shadwell (23/4/19) – Lost 1-0

23 April 2019

For the first time in Bramham history, Y4 girls had a football match! Keen to show what they were made of; the girls were very excited to play their first game. Although they conceded early into the match, there was always going to need to be some time to settle in and organise themselves. Once that happened the team were able to make some positive plays and get some shots at goal, with Alice even hitting the post on two occasions! It was a really fun game, and everything the girls need to work on for the future will come through just playing matches; which is what we plan to do!


Y5/6 Netball Heat at Temple Newsam (16/4/19)

16 April 2019

We took the whole Netball squad to the local competition today as they looked to try and qualify for the Regional Competition later in the year. Having the whole squad meant we could split them into two teams, allowing the children to play lots of matches and take responsibility for their own teams doing well. Both sets of children made the most of their opportunity, with not only positive play, but one team even managed to win the tournament and qualify for the next round; an amazing achievement!


Y5/6 Girls Football vs Holy Family – Lost 1-0 & Drew 0-0 (22/3/19)

22 March 2019

Playing two games in a day can be tough, but that’s exactly what the girls’ football team did today when they played Holy Family! Despite conceding an early goal in the first game, they girls more than matched their opponents throughout the rest of their matches; resulting in a narrow lose and a 0-0 draw. The points they received saw them move further up the table.


Y6 Girls Dodgeball Tournament (14/3/19)

14 March 2019

This week, we took a group of our Y6 girls to the East Leeds Dodgeball Tournament. Having done some practise in P.E. the girls demonstrated their great throwing power and technique, as well as their ability to make some great catches. It was a really fun evening and the girls enjoyed themselves thoroughly!


Y5/6 Netball match at home vs Deighton Gates (13/3/19) – Lost 9-4

13 March 2019

Having won their first game of the season, the team hosted Deighton Gates in the league and despite losing, for the majority of the game it was a close match, with Deighton Gates having one dominant quarter where they scored the majority of their points. The team played well and were able to score some of their own, and shouldn’t let the result take away from a positive performance.


Y5/6 Tag Rugby Regionals at Crawshaw Academy (5/3/19)

5 March 2019

Once again, we took all the children from Y5 & 6 to the Tag Rugby Regional Competition. Taking three teams meant all children got a chance to compete and show what they were capable of, with lots of great tries and tagging on display! Our A-team even made it all the way to the semi-final, narrowly losing meaning they just missed out on a place in the City Finals. Although they were disappointed not to qualify, they’d competed so well all tournament and couldn’t have given any more to the team! Finishing third overall is a great achievement!


Y5/6 Netball match away at Carr Manor (27/2/19) – Won 7-3

27 February 2019

The Netball team played their first match of the season as they travelled to Carr Manor. Having worked hard in P.E. and training, the team demonstrated their passing and moving, as well as some excellent shooting and a desire to rebound the ball; not only did this make for a great game, they also were able to grab a brilliant win to put them to the top of the league!


Y5/6 Boys Football away at Primrose Lane (26/2/19) – Lost 7-0

26 February 2019

For their next game the boys’ team travelled to Primrose Lane. Primrose are top of the league, and a very good team, but the boys were keen to pick up where they left off in their last game against Deighton Gates and build on that performance. Although the opposition were clearly a good team, we were able to compete, just trailing 2-0 at half time. Despite the last few minutes of the game getting away from us a bit towards the end, where Primrose scored the majority of their goals, there were again lots of positives to take away from the performance itself!


Y4/5/6 Cross Country City Finals at Temple Newsam (6/2/19)

6 February 2019

This week we took Alfie and Eva from our Y6 class to the Cross Country City Finals where they raced against the best runners from the whole of Leeds! Having done brilliantly just to qualify, they both ran excellent races and got great scores in tricky conditions. Representing Bramham at City level is a fantastic achievement and we’re all very proud of them!


Y5/6 Boys Football away at Deighton Gates (25/1/19) – Lost 4-1

25 January 2019

For their second game in a week, the boys made the second trip of the season to Deighton Gates, at team who had beaten us 11-0 earlier in the season. Although the boys’ season may not be panning out how they had hoped in terms of results, nobody could question their desire and willingness to give games a go; demonstrated tonight just by turning up to a game which others may have stayed away from. As it happened, the focus throughout the game which the boys had been looking for, was there! Although they went into half time trailing, it was only 1-0; the team looked committed all over the pitch and were even able to equalise in the second half through a great goal from Charlie! Despite losing the game in the end, it was the best performance all season from the team, who played their hearts out and can be very proud of themselves!


Y5/6 Boys Football away at Wetherby St Joseph’s (22/1/19) – Lost 9-1

22 January 2019

The boys began the New Year with an away game to Wetherby St Joseph’s. Although the score line got away from them a little, and Wetherby deserved to win, the boys were disappointed as their play perhaps didn’t warrant quite a large differential; for long periods of the game there were no goals, but we still need to keep our focus for the full game in order to avoid spells where lots of goals go in at once, which then distorts the score line.


Test News

3 January 2019



Y5/6 Girls Football at St Pauls – Drew 1-1 (30/11/18)

30 November 2018

In their final match before Christmas, the girls travelled to St Paul’s Primary. In what was a very close first half, chances were at a minimum. In the second half we were able to take the lead when a deflected shot ricochet into their net. Although we weren’t able to hold onto the lead, conceding an equaliser towards the end of the game, we were able to keep our heads up and hold onto a great 1-1 draw to get some more points in the league!


Y5 Dodgeball Tournament at John Smeaton Leisure Centre (29/11/18)

29 November 2018

This week, for the first time, we took a team of Y5s to the Regional Dodgeball Tournament. There were lots of great moments throughout, including some excellent catching and great throwing! We were able to win some games throughout the tournament and although we didn’t qualify the team did brilliantly and should be very proud of themselves.


Y5/6 Girls Football away at Whinmoor St Paul’s – Won 6-0 (27/11/18)

27 November 2018

The girls were hoping to build on a great win in their previous game this week as they travelled to Whinmoor. They were able to do so with great defending and energetic attacking! All the girls continued their great form and played their part in what was a very cold and wet game. The team were able to make their chances count and claim what was a brilliant win!


Y5/6 Girls Football away at Bardsey – Won 3-1 (23/11/18)

23 November 2018

The girls were on their travels once again this week as they made the short journey to Bardsey. In what was a cagey first half of few chances the team were able to take the lead before the break to go in at halftime at 1-0. The girls were playing well, but were unlucky to concede an equaliser shortly afterwards, but they were able to keep themselves together and regain the lead later in the game, eventually winning 3-1 to claim their first victory of the season!


Y5/6 Sportshall Athletics Competition at John Smeaton Academy – Runners Up (19/11/18)

19 November 2018

This week we were able to take the whole of Y6, and a couple of Y5s, to the Regional Sportshall Athletics Tournament. The event consisted of multiple running, jumping and throwing events, and everyone played their part, contributing to an excellent overall team score of 314 points! The results meant we finished in joint 1st position in the competition. Unfortunately only one team could qualify, so it went down to which school had more first place finishes in the events. Again, both schools were tied with 7 each. It then went down to which school had the most 2nd place finishes, and we just missed out, 7 to 4. Although the team didn’t win, they should be very proud of how close they came, everybody who competed gave all they had to their events. The organisers actually said it was the closest competition they had run in 27 years! We still managed to qualify for a runners-up event to be held later in the year, which we look forward to!


Y5/6 Girls Football away at Highfield – Lost 3-0 (16/11/18)

16 November 2018

The girls once again travelled to Highfield for their second game in close succession. Having had a difficult game previously, the team looked a lot more solid in comparison and that showed in the result as they were only trailing 1-0 at half time. Having created chances of our own, we were unlucky not to score ourselves. Unfortunately, as they pushed for an equaliser in the second half it was Highfield who managed to extend their lead, eventually winning 3-0. Still, we looked more organised than we had done in the previous match, with more steps to take in next week’s fixtures.


Y5/6 Girls Football away vs Shadwell 2nd team (14/11/19) – Won 2-0

14 November 2018

The girls were back to winning ways this week as they travelled to Shadwell for a friendly fixture. They were able to build upon their recent good displays and this time turn their hard work into goals, as well as stopping the opposition strikers from scoring. It was a brilliant all-round display from the team!


Y5/6 Boys Football vs St Mary’s Horsforth – Lost 5-0 (13/11/18)

13 November 2018

The boys played in the first round of the Leeds cup this week against St Mary’s Horsforth. Although the game got away from us at the end, with Horsforth scoring two late goals, the team continued to show good structure for long periods and carved out a couple of opportunities of their own in the second half. Credit to goalkeeper Alfie who made numerous terrific saves! Also special mention to girls’ team members Tilly and Lilly who not only helped out the boys tonight, but were also two of the best players on the whole pitch!


Y5/6 Girls Football away at Deighton Gates – Lost 5-3 (9/11/18)

9 November 2018

The girls continued a busy week with their second game in as many days when they travelled to Deighton Gates for another difficult league fixture. Despite trailing 2-0 the team showed great resilience and perseverance to level the scores at 2-2 in the second half. Unfortunately, just as we equalised Deighton Gates were able to retake the lead and then make it 4-2. The girls were able to score again, but eventually lost 5-3 in what was a very entertaining game! The girls should be proud of how hard they worked to get back into it from losing positions throughout.


Y5/6 Girls Football away vs Highfield – Lost 5-1 (8/11/18)

8 November 2018

The girls went to Highfield this week for a league fixture. Despite playing a very good team the girls defended brilliantly and despite going two goals down in the first half, kept their heads up and managed to score a goal of their own through a great finish from Eva! As the team pushed for the equaliser in the second half they were caught out a couple of times on the break; the slippery conditions also making it tricky to defend, but there were definitely lots of positives to take from the game.


Y5/6 Boys Football away vs Shadwell 2nd team – Won 3-0 (7/11/18)

7 November 2018

The boys got their half term of fixtures underway on Wednesday as they travelled to Shadwell. Playing on a slippery pitch in the rain could have caused some issues, but the team have been working very hard to improve so far this season and their hard work was evident as they were able to take the lead, albeit with a deflected shot in the first half. The boys’ energy was clear to see as they kept up the pressure in the second half and were able to add two more goals. Not only that, but they were able to not concede on the defensive end, which was a great achievement for the team as a whole!


5/6 Girls Football away at Meanwood – Lost 6-0 (6/11/18)

6 November 2018

The girls got their half term underway today as they played Meanwood in the league. Although Meanwood deserved their win, the game was closer than the score line suggests, and everyone took responsibility for their jobs on the pitch. Despite the result, there were still lots of positives to build on for future games this week!


Y5/6 Girls Football away at St Augustine’s (19/10/18) – Drew 0-0

19 October 2018

On Friday the girls made the long trip across Leeds to St Augustine’s. The game was very competitive throughout, and the team were able to consistently defend with the same intensity that they had showed in the previous game. There were once again great saves from Ruby, but also great organisation and last ditch tackles from the defenders! Even when there were moments towards the end when we were stretched, we kept our focus and were able to gain a well-earned point!


Y5/6 Girls Football away vs Wetherby St Joseph’s (16/10/18) – Lost 2-0

16 October 2018

In their second league outing of the season the team travelled to Wetherby. In what was a close first half, both teams had chances to score, and the team needed Ruby in goal to make several spectacular stops! The half time score remained 0-0 and although the girls had been on top in the first half, it was Wetherby who took the lead during the second. They were able to increase their lead late in the game as the girls pushed for an equaliser. Based on the second half play Wetherby deserved the win, but the girls played well and will be looking to build on a very good first half performance in the future.


Y5/6 Boys Football match away at Bardsey (10/10/18) – Lost 11-1

10 October 2018

The boys played their second league game in quick succession as they travelled to Bardsey. Although the team got off to a shaky start, conceding early on, they levelled out throughout the first half, remaining competitive, narrowly trailing 3-0 at halftime. Even though we were able to score through a great goal by Alfie, the game got away from the boys a bit towards the end, as Bardsey scored a few goals in quick succession to run away with it. Still, there were some positives and the boys did play well in different areas of the game; our next job is to try and maintain that good play for longer periods in future games.


Y5/6 Girls Football away at IHOM (9/10/18) – Lost 4-1

9 October 2018

In their first league game of the season the girls played Immaculate Heart. Although the result didn’t go or way, there were lots of positives to take from a match against a very good team. We are a new team learning to work together. The girls couldn’t be faulted for their effort and enthusiasm and any improvements will come with experience.


Y4, 5 & 6 Cross Country Competition at Brigshaw High School (8/10/18)

8 October 2018

This week we took Cross Country teams from Years 4, 5 & 6 to the Regional Cross Country Competition at Brigshaw High School. All children ran brilliantly and even though none of our teams managed to qualify, we did get some which were very close to doing so. Our Y4 girls came 6th place, out of 19 teams, narrowly missing out on qualifying for the City Finals. Our Y6 girls also did very well, finishing in 7th place out of 22 teams in their race! Although no teams qualified, we did get two individual runners through to the City Finals, and special well done to Alfie and Eva, both in Y6, who finished 6th and 11th respectively, out of 120 runners in each of their races! They will now go onto compete against the best runners in Leeds in February.


Y5/6 Boys Football match away at Deighton Gates (5/11/18) – Lost 11-0

5 October 2018

After a positive result in the previous game the boys travelled to Deighton Gates in their first league game of the season. Although the team might not have got the result they were hoping for, they demonstrated lots of skills in other areas, such as teamwork, sportsmanship and effort against a very good Deighton Gates team. The boys are always learning and lots of aspects which can be improved upon will come with experience, which we will try to build upon in our next game.


Bramham Boys Football away at Shadwell (19/9/18) – Drew 2-2

19 September 2018

The boys’ team also got their season underway in a pre-season friendly trip to Shadwell. With pretty much a new squad the team were excited to see how they would settle in as a team. With a string wind blowing around the pitch, it made it difficult to control the ball and settle down. It was Shadwell who took the lead after a good run and finish from their striker found the net. Bramham were able to equalise when a cleared corner was played back in from Alfie and deflected off a Shadwell defender to make it 1-1. The team went behind again just before half time when a pass played beyond Issaac in goal was again tapped in by their striker. The second half saw a lot of Bramham pressure and they were finally able to make it count when Dylan’s run and finish found the top left hand corner. The result was fair and on another day the team could have won it. With a bit more experience behind them it could be a really positive season for the team.


Bramham Girls Football away at Shadwell (18/9/18) – Won 3-1

18 September 2018

The girls’ team travelled to Shadwell this week as they played a pre-season friendly. With a lot of new faces in the team, the girls worked together brilliantly to get off to a strong start when Lilly’s left footed shot went in off the left hand post. Soon after this Mia, making her school debut, added a second for the team, with the score at halftime staying 2-0 to Bramham. Going into the wind in the second half the team still played brilliantly; Mia added her second, and despite Shadwell getting a goal of their own with a deflected shot, Bramham were able to hold on for the win. A great team performance in a game played in fantastic spirits, it was great for the girls to get onto the pitch and complete their first game on their way to what will hopefully be an excellent season.