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Welcome to Class 3/4

As part of Sports Week, children were involved this morning in a Circus Skills Workshop.  Children 'had a go' at plate spinning and ribbon twirling.

A parent who works in a history museum came in to talk about the process of mummification.  Children were involved in the whole process which they re-enacted.


The children visited Bagshaw Museum in Batley on Weds 21st June.  Look at our pictures of children being archaeologists (digging in the sand for artefacts) to ascertain which job the artefacts related to.  Also, there are photos of a child being mummified and children taking out internal organs from the 'mummy' to place into canopic jars, together with the weighing of the heart ceremony. 

Children had an amazing day, learnt lots about the Ancient Egyptians and had great fun getting involved in the process of mummification.  


Year 4 practising how to work out co-ordinates in a maths lesson






Several of our year 4 children take part in our Italian club run at lunchtimes.  Children are all involved in a role-play at an Italian cafe - ordering various drinks and food and using their general Italian conversational skills!



Class 3/4 had a fabulous day at Magna last week!

We were able to explore lots of different exhibits throughout Magna such as Fire, Air, Earth and Water, where we experimented with a variety of exciting machines. I think the clear favourite was the wind tunnel!

After lunch we were able to take part in an interactive lesson with a magnets expert, where we sorted objects into magnetic and non- magnetic items using horse shoe and bar magnets. We found out how magnets were first discovered in China through role play and we observed a powerful magnet force holding 30kg of slat bags.



Children were doing an introductory activity on time, ordering a series of times using their knowledge of clocks.



Children played a matching game on time.





Children picking up specific features of non chronological reports.








Decimals of measures - children finding decimals of a metre (decimal tenths & hundredths).






Practical application of decimal tenths.







Look at these photos of class 4 doing some grammar work on complex sentences - they are playing a matching clause game where they have to find 2 clauses to match to form a sentence.

We have had a 'Stone Age' morning and children have learnt about the everyday lives of stone age people, they have drawn artefacts - assessing what they are and what they are made of.  They have examined a range of artefacts to discover more about how people lived in stone age Britain.  


Class 3 and 4 have been busy creating their own cave paintings.

Class 3 have been becoming mathematicians this half term, we have mastered how to set out and complete column subtraction problems with exchanging! This week we are working on our 3x and 4x tables.

In English we have been learning how to use fronted adverbials in our writing about The Stone Age Boy and how to add conjunctions into our sentences to enhance our writing.

In class 3 and 4 are exploring the Stone Age in topic. We have been creating our own cave paintings, looking at how Stone Age people live and what they eat. We have also been lucky enough to have a Stone Age morning where we have been able to look at artefacts such as animal skins, bones, Stone Age pots and hunting tools.

This week, we have been learning the our story map of The Jolly Postman, ready for the children to write their own retelling of the story next week.  The class has come up with some great actions to help them to remember the words!

jolly postman story map(1)

We have also been getting ready for our Harvest Festival at Bramham Church on Monday.  In RE, the children considered why we celebrate Harvest and they wrote their own Harvest prayers, one of which will be read out in Church.  

harvest prayers

'The Tin Forest'

Class 3 have had a great start to the week, we have started to explore our text ‘The Tin Forest’ in English, building up our story mountain and in the afternoon Class 3/4 have been deepening our knowledge in science discovering the parts of a flowering plant. In art our Andy Warhol soup tins are nearly complete and we are well underway in creating our very own pop art portraits.


Children have been inspired by our work on the Stone Age and they have been creative at home and brought these pieces of artwork into school for display!