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SATs Breakfast

All week the children have enjoyed eating breakfast together and were given a special treat of pancakes with chocolate spread as a treat for finishing their SATs. Year 6 would like to say a big thank you to the kitchen staff who made delicious bacon and sausage sandwiches all week!

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Leeds Book Awards

Some class members participated in the Leeds Book Awards 2017. The children had the opportunity to read six brilliant books that had been shortlisted for the prestigious award. On the 16th May a few of our children will attend the ceremony to see who is crowned the winner!

World Oral Health Day

Monday was World Oral Health Day, and Class 6 had lots of fun making their own brand of toothpaste using baking powder, glycerol, salt and lemon juice for flavour. The children then tested out their product by brushing their own teeth!

Additionally, children researched and discussed how to take care of their teeth and the causes of tooth decay and gum disease. They then recorded a news bulletin on their notebooks in groups. Well done Class 6.  

Fairtrade Break

The Year 6 children had a great time having their Fairtrade Break of flapjacks with orange or apple juice with the nursery children. The class did very well explaining where the ingredients for flapjacks came from and told the little ones to look out for products that have the Fairtrade label.

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Daniel Ingram-Brown Author Visit

Class 5 and 6 were VERY excited to meet a children's author today. Dainel Ingram Brown very kindly visited the school and gave a brilliant workshop all about how to develop a villain in a story. He read an extract from his own book called ' The Firebird Chronicles- The Nemesis Charm' then answered lots of questions all about being an author and playwright.

Some children (who had pre-ordered his books) were lucky enough to get their book signed! 


World Book Day

Danny and Dave from 5 star sports came to Class 6 to talk about their love of reading, what reading meant to them and how important reading was in everyday life. It was great to have two positive male role models share their experiences in a fun way. The children also loved writing a postcard to the class as their favourite book character. We now have brilliant postcards from characters such as: the Demon Dentist, Katniss Everdeen and James Bond!




Residential to Carlton Lodge

We had a FANTASTIC time at Carlton Lodge! Activities ranged from abseiling to gorge walking. Although at times some of the activities were challenging, ALL of the children showed super resilience and determination. Many of the children since have said what an amazing experience it was for them and I'm sure they will remember the trip for the rest of their lives.

Chinese New Year

The children enjoyed learning about the story of Chinese New Year and the Zodiac. They made some beautiful posters using noun, adjective-pair sentences to describe each animals characteristics. In the afternoon the class were given the opportunity to try traditional Chinese food such as noodles, seaweed, chicken curry, prawn toast and egg fried rice.


Choices Workshop

Jude Wright from the Peace Museum came to deliver a practical workshop all about WWII, why people go to war, women's rights during and after the war, as well as extremism. The children loved discussing these topics and had lots of questions. The class learnt what tolerance means and how this links with British values.


Last term two members of our class received a certificate for 100% attendance! This is an amazing achievement well done girls!


Behaviour has also been brilliant and more children have received their certificate for gaining 100 and 200 stamps. Keep going class 5/6!






 This half term we have been investigating what blood is and the functions of the heart. The children had a great time drawing their own versions of the circulatory system where they pretended to be oxygenated blood flowing from the Aorta, through the body and back to the heart and lungs. Their coats represented the oxygen and once they had reached 'the body' the children took their coats off. Well done Class 5/6. 

English and Maths

Class 5/6 have been extremely busy improving their sentence structure and grammar skills. In keeping with our Harry Potter theme, we have created an 'unforgivable curses' display where children can check their work for missing, punctuation and common spelling errors. We will keep adding to this over the year. 

 So far the children have learnt all about the order of operations (BODMAS) and are now able to confidently solve tricky calculations. As well as this, the children have worked hard understanding the difference between mixed fractions and improper fractions. We have had fun ordering fractions and making posters for the working wall so that we can remember!

Reading Certificates

The children have been reading everyday and have received their Ballatrix Lestange award for reading 10 books and their Hedwig award for reading 20. Well done Class 5/6!


reading certificates

Stamp Certificates

Many children received their 100 stamp certificate for excellent behaviour in class. I know some of them have nearly reached 200! I wonder how many stamps for exemplary  behaviour you will get next term?

behaviour and reading certifcates

Class Party

The class worked tremendously hard this term and managed to hit their target of 3,500 house points! The children voted to have a class party and had a brilliant time eating and dancing!


WWII Timeline

Class 5/6 enjoyed making a WWII timeline by ordering key events from WWII right through the end of the Second World War. Good teamwork was shown! Well done!

African Voices Workshop

We were very lucky to have Mr Geoffrey Nsanja (who is a PhD student at the University of Leeds) visit us for the day to talk to us about the continent of Africa. Mr Nsanja is from Malawi and spoke to us about his home, culture and special foods. The children were able to challenge their stereotypes about Africa, by playing lots of games and discussion,  and learn lots of cool facts. Have a look at some of the questions the children were asked? Year 5/6 can you remember the answers to the following questions:

  • How many countries are in Africa?
  • Are there any millionnaires in Africa?
  • Are all Africans black?   


This week we have been focusing on active and passive sentences. The children have been doing a great job identifying the subject, verb and object in sentences, well done! We have also started looking at adverbial phrases and have been spotting them in our new class book 'The Silver Sword'. As  well as adverbial phrases, the children have been doing a fantastic job looking at subordinate conjunctions and using them in their writing!


Check out all the amazing facts the children know from learning all about WWI and why WWII started. The children enjoyed acting out opposing countries and understanding which countries were friends and enemies during WWII.

How did people in the past protect themselves?

Each week the children will find out more information about how people in the past (in particular WWII) protected themselves.  This week they have learnt that countries during both WWI and WWII protected themselves by forming friendships with other countries. Class 5/6 can you remember which countries supported each other? Why did Britain join WWI?


This term our History topic is WWII and as a school we will be exploring the question 'How did people in the past protect themselves?



Behaviour system

This week the children voted on what they wanted their new behaviour system to look like and what type of rewards/treats they would like. We have decided to go for a Harry Potter themed system and we all love it! Keep trying really hard to get all your stamps, stickers and house points!

Reading corner and displays

Class 5/6 love reading their books in our Harry Potter themed reading corner. We have made a class rota so children have the opportunity to read their favourite books in the reading corner at least twice a week.


Thwaite Mills

The children looked FANTASTIC for our WWII themed trip to Thwaite Mills. The class experienced what life was like for people during WWII, stepped into an Anderson shelter and made putty to protect windows during the Blitz. Moreover, children were able to see genuine coins from the 1940's, rationed food which people would have received during the war, and toured around the famous mill. Have a look at the children working really hard-Well done 5/6!

Super readers!

Class 5/6 love reading a range of good quality books and  4 children have already read 10 books and written book reviews for them. Here they are with their Bellatrix Lestrange (10 books) certificate. Super achievement! 

Global economy- what is it?

This week we have been exploring what the global economy means and how it affects us. We have discovered that the U.K is a rich country, and started to think about imports and exports, where our goods are manufactured around the globe, and why they are manufactured in such places.

We have also been learning how mobile phones have evolved over the years, and the types of materials needed to make one. Over the next few weeks we will be designing our very own.

Class 5/6 LOVE their band new classroom and have spent the week settling in and getting used to the new routines. The children are especially happy about their band new reading books! I wonder how many books you can read before Christmas?