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Hello and Welcome to Class 2





Class 2 joined the RSPB today in a hunt around our school for habitats. We found lots of different habitats in our school grounds and now know how to help maintain these habitats for our local wildlife. We had such a fun time and learnt so much! 





 Today Year 2 have joined the whole school in celebrating World Oral Health Day. We began with an assembly from Kirstin, a dental nurse who taught us all about how we should brush our teeth to prevent plaque and decay. Did you know that you should never rinse your mouth out with water after brushing your teeth as it removes any fluoride from your teeth? 

We drew self portraits which showed us smiling and we also made special boxes to keep our teeth in for the tooth fairy. We had lots of discussion about what our teeth can be used for and how we should look after them including which foods are good and bad for our teeth. After lunch we were each given a toothbrush which FOBS provided for us and we practiced brushing our teeth for 2 minutes using the timer - it was much longer than we thought it would be! We have had the most fantastic day and have taken our toothbrushes home ready to fight plaque at bedtime. 


As we are learning about Australia this term, Class 2 took the opportunity to celebrate Australia Day. The children brought in Australian artifacts that they had at home such as boomerangs and Mr Brotherton showed us pictures of his time in Australia. We learnt all about Australian animals such as the very poisonous Cane Toad and the Great White Shark - did you know that they can grow up to 6m in length? We used metre sticks to see how long that actually was - almost the entire length of our classroom! We also made Lamingtons; a traditional Australian dessert and read stories such as Possum Magic and Wombat goes Walkabout. We had the most fantastic time!



 This week we attended the Skipping School Competition at Boston Spa High School. We had to compete in a number of different events including; double bounce, face to face pairs and speed bounce to name but a few. We had a great time and won certificates for quite a few of the events. 

Mrs Lawton was really proud of us and staff from other schools commented on how well behaved and polite we were. We love skipping and can't wait to skip each lunchtime! 



This is the question we have been considering in RE. We have learnt about how different religions welcome babies into the world and we have compared similarities and differences between how Muslims and Christians do this. 

To fully understand how a Christening is carried out we walked to Church where Rev Jane kindly conducted a christening for 'baby' Charlotte. We had a Mummy, Daddy and two Godparents and the rest of us were guests. We wore our special clothes and had a party back at school before we wrote all about our experience.



This week Class 2 were introduced to their class text for the half term...Fossil Girl by Catherine Brighton. We looked at only the front cover and thought about what we 'noticed' making observations of the illustrations, we also 'wondered' by asking questions about the book and 'thought' about what it may be about by making predictions. Next, we analysed the blurb and made a collection of words that we did not understand such as limb, curiosity and scramble. We used dictionaries and thesaurus' to find the definition and synonyms of these words so that we could make sense of the blurb independently. We had so much fun analysing the cover, we can't wait to read what is inside! 


 This half term we have been thinking about this question every week in topic lessons, assemblies and in circle time. We have learnt that we live on the planet Earth which hasn't always looked the way that it does now - millions of years ago all the continents were joined together to create Pangea. We have thought in RE about where we fit into a family as a son or daughter, cousin, niece, nephew or grandchild. We have used atlases to find our place in the world too. 


Congratulations to our new Y2 School Council Representatives; Grace and Thomas. They are both delighted to be on Student Council and have already attended their first meeting. We will hold our first class council next week...how exciting! 


This half term we are working on our ball skills and are trying hard to develop our bouncing, kicking, catching and throwing abilities. This week we have been practicing dribbling the ball very carefully around cones. We know that we need to use small movements with the inside of our feet to control the ball and stop it rolling by putting our foot on the top of the ball. Mrs Lawton has noticed lots of improvement in our technique already.


Perfecting Place Value

This week we have been working very hard on perfecting our understanding of place value. We have been busy partitioning numbers into tens and ones and comparing numbers to find the greatest and smallest. Look at all of our hard work! 

We have also been voting for our new Class Councillors who will represent us on the School Council - the results will be announced in Assembly next week. We're so excited to find out who it will be!

We are very busy at the moment exploring our new classroom and beginning our new topics. Can we share a secret with you?

This week we found dinosaur eggs in our classroom! They were frozen, green and some were oozing slime! We had to write our questions down about the eggs such as; where did they come from? How can we keep the baby dinosaurs safe? What type of dinosaurs do we have? and What do they eat?

We will continue to learn more about dinosaurs so that we can answer all of these questions and more. What an exciting first week we have had! 




This half term we have begun by learning all about money. We have made added combinations of coins to find a total amount and we have explored how to make the same amount using different combinations. We have looked at how to calculate change on a number line and we now know how to use the £ and p signs accurately! 





In music lessons we are learning all about how to identify the pitch of an instrument. We have been experimenting on the xylophones to find out the difference between a High C and a Low C and listening carefully to their different tones. We are also looking at the < and > signs to see how they affect the way we play music. We're very good at listening to one another to make sure that we all play at the same time! 


What an exciting afternoon we have had! We had a rugby training session with Mike from Little Lions and we learnt new training techniques to support us with balance and fitness. Can you balance a ball on your back and walk? Can you throw a ball in the air and catch it behind your back? We can!