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Welcome to Year 1

Last week in Class One a pot of mysterious golden beans appeared on our doormat. The children thought that they might be magic beans similar to the ones in our class story 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. Some children suggested planting the magic beans to see what might grow but sneaky Miss Camm threw them in the bin! When we arrived in school the next day a wild beanstalk had grown from our rubbish bin and it appeared that somebody had been in our classroom overnight leaving it very messy. We investigated the clues to try and work out who the mystery person was but the set of huge footprints led us to believe there was a giant on the loose! 

Class One quickly set to work writing 'WANTED' posters to stick up around school.  We made sure our sentences were very descriptive by using exciting adjectives to describe what the Giant might look like and how he behaves.

This week Class One are continuing to investigate the case of the missing Giant by writing newspaper reports. Stay tuned for more information

Chinese New Year in Class 1

Class 1 enjoyed trying noodles and stir fried rice.  We also performed dragon dances in the hall with Class R.  The dragon moved so fast it was tricky to capture it on camera!  

In music, we listened to the story of Chinese New Year and then played the chime bars and a gong to make Chinese music, while other children became the Chinese dragon.



Class 1 received a mysterious box on the first day of term.  It contained, amongst other things, a potato, some photographs, a map of the Caribbean, some sand and sugar, a coconut, a mango, a pineapple.  The children worked in pairs, choosing an item, writing a label for it and then asking a question or writing a statement about what they thought the item had to do with our learning this term.   Some of the children guessed right - we will be learning about other explorers from the Elizabethan age and about the Caribbean.  At the end of the day, the children got a taste of the Caribbean - trying the mango, pineapple, papaya and drinking mango and coconut juice.


Super Science

We are investigating materials in science.  The children grouped everyday objects into groups of what materials they were made from and then we used science vocabulary, such as rigid, flexible, opaque and transparent, to describe them.


Image result for run run as fast as you can

This week we have read the story of the Gingerbread man. The children loved joining in with the repeating lines and have had a go at writing their own speech bubbles for the Gingerbread man. In class we have discussed ways to help the Gingerbread man cross the river so that he would not need help from the fox. There were lots of brilliant ideas and the children have made some fantastic models as well as drawing pictures of what they made.

The children have painted pictures of the Gingerbread man and have used their scissor skills to cut out their own Gingerbread man designs.

We have been very lucky this week because we have had a visit from an author. The children listened attentively to the story and happily joined in with actions. The children shared ideas for their own story including a naughty bull that eats a gobstopper.


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This week we have looked at Fairtrade and what this means. We have found things for homework with the Fairtrade logo on. We have done circle time to talk about what fair is and how we can make sure things are fair at school like sharing toys.

We have made some lovely work starting with a picture of ourselves going all the way out to our World. The children enjoyed watching a video about Pablo the super banana and they created models and pictures to show how they would transport the bananas to the supermarkets.

We have made buns and enjoyed icing them.

Class One had a special visitor this week, Liz from the RSPB, came to talk to us about 'giving nature a home'. Liz showed us a short video about insects and creatures we can find in our local environment. We discussed the best ways to look after the creatures around us, including birds and insects. We came up with some good ideas, such as leaving bowls of clean water out and making healthy bird feeders to hang on trees.

Afterwards, we put on our wellies and went on a nature walk around our school. We found lots of homes for all kinds of creatures in bushes, under logs and hiding in the long grass.

We learnt that it is important to look after our environment as it provides safe homes for lots of different creatures.


In Year 1, we love to dance so we were delighted to take part in a dance workshop with Flex Dance.  We pretended we were toys coming to life out of a toy box and had to dance like puppets, toy soldiers and robots before climbing back in the box and going to sleep.  The music and style of dance changed with each toy so we had to concentrate really hard to make sure we were doing the right steps.

World Book Day Photos


This week in our Geography lessons, we have been talking about the weather forecast.  The children created their own weather maps for the United Kingdom using symbols and then presented their weather forecast to the rest of the class.  Mrs Meadows was very proud of them standing up in front of all of their friends!

Welcome back to another exciting term in Year 1!   We kicked off our new topic with an Explorer Day:  The children looked fantastic in their outfits!  We learnt about Sir Francis Drake, the first Englishman to sail all the way around the world and the children followed in his footsteps discovering facts, new countries and booty on a treasure trail around the school.  On their return to England, they were rewarded with gold coins from Queen Elizabeth I (beautifully portrayed by one of our Reception children)!


PE Fun!!

In PE, we are learning to move with control and maintain stillness between our movements.  The children loved playing statues on the mats this week to practise their balances!

This is our role play area. Inspired by their learning about Neil Armstrong, the children love pretending to be on a mission to the moon!


Welcome to another busy half term in year 1!

The children have settled beautifully back into our school routines and have worked so hard since the start of the new half term - I am really proud of them!

On our first day back, we considered how our senses help to keep us safe on our Super Senses Science Day.  We took a walk around the playground, listening, touching, seeing and smelling everything around us.  The children tasted sour lemons, bitter plain chocolate, salty crisps and sweet sugar.  In the afternoon, we continued to explore using our senses.

Class 1 will have weekly computing and RE lessons with Mrs Whiteley on a Wednesday morning.  Last week, the children really enjoyed learning to use the trackpad on our school laptops and making clay diva lamps to celebrate Diwali.

This week, we started to learn about Neil Armstrong and how he made history by being the first man to walk on the  moon.  Our space rocket and mission control role play is now up and running and the children are very excited to use it!

Today, the children were learning about our bodies and had lots of fun drawing around each other and labelling the different parts of the body.

Class One really enjoyed our trip to Bramham Post Office on Monday.  They had lots of questions for Louise!  We then wrote her thank you letters in our English lessons this week, which will be delivered to the Post Office next week.  

 We also looked for signs of Autumn while we were out in the village - we spotted lots of gold, red and orange leaves; some big, fat, juicy, red apples growing on a tree; red berries growing in the hedgerows and some sycamore seeds.

 We wish you a restful half term and look forward to seeing the children again on Monday 31st October.

We have been looking for signs of Autumn in year 1.  The children love the colours of the autumn trees and this inspired our artwork this week. 

What a busy week we've had in Class 1!  We continued to explore the story of The Jolly Postman in English; in Maths we investigated the concepts of more and less using increased maths vocabulary; in science we considered the changing seasons and in topic we were learning about the Queen and the Royal Family.  On top of all of that, we had our Key Stage 1 disco with Mr Shuffles!

In our Friday class assembly, the children learnt about Leeds-based Olympians the Brownlee brothers' recent experience in the final event of the World Series Triathlon competition in Mexico, where older brother Alistair carried, pushed and shoved his struggling younger brother, Jonnie, over the finishing line.  We analysed the brothers' exploits using our Federation's Learning for Life characteristics - the photo shows the children's findings.

AutumnDSCF1108 (2)

Week 2 Autumn 1

The children are now settling really well into the Year 1 routines and expectations.  We've had lots of exciting additions to the Post Office role play area, thanks to children visiting local Post Offices as part of their home learning: we have special delivery stickers, leaflets and much more.  We still need small items for the children to 'wrap' and post - we need to keep our post people busy!