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Meet the Staff

Miss Simpson - Foundation Stage Class


My name is Miss Simpson and I teach the Foundation Stage Class. I enjoy learning through play with my class both inside and outside. I spend lots of time thinking of fun activities for my class to do and I like to follow my classes’ interests to ensure they have fun whilst learning. Along with the other adults in my class we make sure our children are happy, settled and eager to learn. In addition to being a class teacher I have just taken over computing across the Federation which, I am very excited about!

I love teaching and have always wanted to be a teacher. To do my job I went to university for 3 years to study History before doing a PGCE to become a teacher.

Mrs Denton - Early Years Teaching Assistant

My name is Mrs Denton and I work as at teaching assistant in class R supporting Miss Simpson and Miss Jennings. My children attend Bramham Primary School and I love working here! My role is to help the children to settle in to school during their year in Reception ensuring their days are happy, fun and safe. I love working with children and helping them to learn new skills – no two days are the same at school, which is brilliant. I want to help to ensure that each child leaves Bramham Primary School with the fondest memories and goes on to be the best that they can be.  I am also a qualified swimming teacher and outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading and baking. 

Miss Ewen - Year 1 Teaching Assistant


My name is Miss Ewen and I work as a Teaching Assistant in KS1 supporting Mrs Meadows in Year 1 and Mrs Lawton in Year 2. I am also in charge of making sure that your lunchtimes are a happy, enjoyable time.I love bright colours, reading with children and sharing jokes. When I was a little girl I attended Bramham Primary and had the most wonderful learning experience which is why I am so pleased that I work here now so that I can help children to have the same experience as I did. 

Mrs Turner - Teaching Assistant Year 4

Nicky 2

My name is Mrs Turner and I work in Year 4 on a morning with Mrs Kirby and in Year 3/4 on an afternoon with Miss Sloper. I started at Bramham Primary in September and I love working here. It is my job to help you to learn in the classroom and have a wonderful lunchtime break. When I am not in school I love to spend time with my family going on long walks, watching fun films and baking lots of yummy treats.

Miss Sloper - Year 3

candice 2(1)

Hello! My name is Miss Sloper and I teach year 3 in the morning and 3/4 in the afternoon. I started at Bramham Primary in September 2016, I am enjoying getting to know the children in 3/4 and across the rest of the school.  My favourite subjects are English, Maths and Art. I enjoy getting lost in an interesting book, discovering new lands and strange characters.  I love planning activities that are fun and exciting and that enable children to explore new ways to learn, bringing topics to life. My job is very rewarding and I would not want to do any other job. I love seeing the children I have taught grow into a confident, resilient and happy learner, ready to take on the next step in their path through education and into life.

 In my spare time I like to go horse riding and compete in open water swimming events. Originally from the Midlands, I have had the opportunity to live across England, most recently the Lake District where I was able to enjoy fell walking most weekends and walked Scarfell Pike.

Before I became a teacher I completed a degree in Childhood and Family Studies then I completed my PGCE at Birmingham City University.

Mrs Khan - Year 6

Sadia 2

My name is Miss Khan and I teach Year 5. My favourite subjects to teach are French, Geography and Maths as these were some of my favourite subjects when I was at school. I have a special interest in Foreign Languages and studied this as my specialism with my PGCE. I can speak French and Urdu and have studied Latin and a bit of Spanish, Italian and Arabic.


I am enjoying working at Bramham and think everyone is very friendly here. The children in Year 5 have been very welcoming and they are a fantastic class to work with. I love seeing the children in my class show me their passion for reading by sharing their favourite books with me. I like reading in my spare time so I am always happy to take recommendations from them. I am looking forward to teaching Year 5 some exciting topics this year and watching the children grow into resilient and confident learners. 


In my spare time I also like going swimming and playing sports and I am looking forward to sharing this passion with my class in our PE lessons.


Before I became a teacher, I completed a Law degree at The University of Sheffield and later went on to do my PGCE at York St John University.

Miss Pickard - Executive Assistant Head Teacher


I have always wanted to be a teacher. This led to my choices in A-Levels at college (Geography, English Literature, Sociology, and A-S Theology). Between studies, I lived and worked in Southern Ireland (Bantry, in County Cork) before spending 3 months in Australia.

A degree at Leeds University followed (Human Geography) before I embarked on a Post Graduate Certificate of Education in Primary Teaching.

I am currently one of the Executive Assistant Head Teachers which means I work as part of a team to help make the Federation a fantastic place to be. There are lots of other aspects to my job too.

Some of the time, you can find me having lots of fun (and working hard) with the children in Class 6 at Shadwell. It’s an important year as the children prepare for their transition to High-School. I work alongside them to develop the skills of communication to solve any social issues, along with developing the confidence, resilience and perseverance needed to tackle any tricky work. I adore this aspect of my job as the children are such brilliant characters – each day they make me smile or feel really proud as we discuss books, global topics and even the football, TV and music!

I am also Key Stage 2 Leader across the Federation; this means I get to know the children really well and work between both Schools, organising and helping to plan exciting events for them. I do regular assemblies at both Bramham and Shadwell and I also work alongside the other teachers both schools making sure everything runs well on a day to day basis.

Finally, I am also English Leader across the Federation. This is a fantastic part of my job as I get to work with of the brilliant Teachers to think of ways to make our English lessons interactive, interesting and fun; and our classrooms exciting and engaging – especially in the reading areas!

I get to see children from Key Stage 1 and Reception as I walk around each week to say ‘hello’ and celebrate the brilliant work that they have done too. The children often write letters to me and my dog Lola who sometimes visits them.

Each week, lots of children visit me to show me their brilliant reading and writing - I give out lots of extra-special, sparkly stickers! 

Miss Lawton - Year 2


My name is Mrs Lawton and I teach the children in Year 2. I love teaching my class and we do lots of fun activities and learn about lots of exciting things including dinosaurs, Mary Anning and the Wright Brothers - they were the first people to successfully fly a plane! There are lots of parts to my job because I don’t just teach Class 2, I am also the school SENCO so I make sure that anyone who needs additional help receives it. This part of my job keeps me very busy but I always find the time to  lead the KS1 nativity and run my Sign2Sing after school club. Additionally I am responsible for Choir and arrange for them to perform at different events!

To do my job I went to University for 3 years to do a degree in Theatre and Performance and then I studied Teaching. I have a passion for history and enjoy finding out new facts about the past and the impact that has had on our lives today.  I love my job because I enjoy working with children and every day I know that I am going to smile -  I’ve always wanted to be a teacher and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else! 

Miss Kirby - Executive Assistant Head Teacher, Teacher Year 4


My name is Mrs Kirby and I am responsible for teaching Class 4 English and Maths at Bramham Primary School as well as being Assistant Head Teacher for the Federation, where I have worked for the last four years.  I am fortunate enough to be responsible for developing all the non-core curriculum areas taught which is a real honour since I have a wide variety of interests myself which I am truly passionate about.  I have a special interest in Geography as I have a degree in this subject and I also enjoy Modern Foreign Languages as I used to live in Italy and love to improve my knowledge of both Italian and other European languages. I really enjoy my job since every day is different and there are always lots of fun activities happening in school.  The school feels like one big happy family and it is wonderful to be part of this.  I am also lucky in my role to be able to help ensure that children are safe, happy and have an exciting and engaging curriculum throughout their primary years.

Miss Asomaning - Year 5/6

Miss Asomaning

Hello! My name is Miss Asomaning and I teach Year 5/6. When I was younger I wanted to wear a funny wig and be a lawyer, but later on I decided I wanted to work with children. I am very interested in how children learn and grow, so I went to university for five years to do degrees in Psychology, Child Development and Teaching. I spend lots of my time planning and preparing lessons for Year 5/6 to try and make sure they are fun and to help the children learn lots. Along with the other adults in Year 5/6 we make sure that we help all of the children do their best and feel happy. I enjoy being a teacher because working with children is exciting and so much fun! We learn new things everyday! I love working at Bramham Primary because the school feels like a family. Everyone cares about each other and looks after one another. Staff members have the children’s happiness at the heart of everything they do, and the children are proud of their individuality, but also love being part of a wonderful school.

Mrs Wilson - Executive Deputy Head Teacher & Federation Inclusion Manager


Mrs Harland - Federated Business Manager